Giannutri is the southernmost island of the Tuscan Archipelago and is located approximately six miles south of the island of Giglio, where the common part. Length of about 3 km wide and just over 500 meters, covering an area of ​​2.3 km2, has two harbors: Cala Spalmatoio, south-east and Cala Maestra, to the north-west. In the vicinity of Cala Maestra are the remains of a beautiful Roman villa of the second century AD, built by the family of Domitii Enobarbi. Underwater 
 The island has considerable interest in diving, thanks to the vertical walls full of sea fans, sponges, corals, and tunicates. Today, most of the seabed have been designated as protected area “A” (which are forbidden surfing, fishing and diving) and then one side has encouraged the restocking of fish, on the other hand made it difficult to find good diving spots. You can still find free for the dive, the extensive seagrass meadows and two wrecks at Anna Bianca (40-50 meters deep) and Nasim (60 meters).