Monte Amiata


Imposing mountainous, the principal of the Maremma, Monte Amiata is located about 35 km from Saturnia and Sue Terme.

With its 1,738 meters high, Mount Amiata is located on the border between the provinces of Grosseto and Siena, keeping many towns and villages rich in history and art, culture and history.

Mount Amiata is a mountainous volcanic origin to another testified by the presence of a land of dark color and very thin lava rocks with particular shapes, the area of ​​the mountain looks covered with forests of beech and chestnut trees and paths natural that arise from the valleys leading up to the summit, to the discovery of the Cross of Our Lady of the Scouts and views across the Maremma.

On the slopes of Mount Amiata lie towns and villages valuable cultural and artistic center, between the main we quote:

– Castell’Azzara, with its fortress Aldobrandesca

– Castel del Piano, famous for the Palio of

– Arcidosso principal municipality of the district

– Santa Fiora, a former residence of the Counts Aldobrandeschis

– Roccalbegna, with a grind that dominates the town

– Seggiano, famous for his extraordinary extra virgin olive oil

The Monte Amiata is made known and famous as well as for the beauty of its villages and landscapes that can be seen from its summit, also for its food and wine, recipes tied to the traditions of the past and the typical products of great renown, such such as Chestnut and Mushroom, both able to claim the recognition of PGI.