Talamone stands on a rocky promontory, which lies on the southern edge of the Natural Park of Maremma, in a dominant position on the entire stretch of coast from Talamone arrives at Monte Argentario. It can be reached from our hotel in 10 minutes by car.




On the beach of Telamon is allowed the sport of Kitesurfing.
The surrounding area is characterized by the presence of vegetation typical of the Mediterranean and long sandy beaches lined with pine trees.


Talamone is a country that, although administratively today is only a fraction, in the Maremma has had its own history and significance, distinct from those of the lagoon city. Ancient and flourishing city since Etruscan times, he saw combat in 225 BC on its territory a decisive battle between the Romans and Celtic hordes bound for Rome.

The city’s port is a stage of the Egyptian expedition of Admiral Horatio Nelson, who sailed from Toulon in 1798 to Naples, pausing at the “rade de Tagliamon sur les Côtes de Toscane” as Napoleon himself wrote in his memoirs, the general Thibaudeau in his Histoire de Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as Thiers and Tissot in their Histoire de la Révolution Française.

But the name of the town is linked to the company of Giuseppe Garibaldi and his thousand in 1860, the year in which Talamone was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy, did you call to stock up on water and weapons, and to make ends 313 Garibaldians Republicans did not want to be instruments of King Vittorio Emanunele II.

Places of interest

Of Telamon is located near the southern entrance of the Natural Park of Maremma, from which some nature trails.

The churches

Church of Santa Maria Assunta
Church of Our Lady of Grace
Mausoleum Vivarelli (chapel of the cemetery)

Coastal fortifications and towers

Walls of Telamon
Rocca aldobrandesca
Tower of Capo d’Uomo
Torre delle Cannelle
Tower Talamonaccio

Archaeological Areas

Temple Talamonaccio