Parco dell’Uccellina


Protected nature reserve, located in the Park of Maremma Maremma, in the province of Grosseto.

It is the first protected reserve that was established in Tuscany, was in fact to 1975 today looks like a place of interest for environmental and natural value and importance, the area is easily accessible from Saturnia, from which is about an hour.

It is a very large park, which covers the coastal strip that connects Talamone Principina Sea, passing through Alberese, one of the most famous places, inside there are forests of pines and oaks, but also marshes, fields intended ‘ agriculture, pasture for animals that are bred in the wild, there is also the last stretch of the river Ombrone.

The coastal area of ​​the Maremma Natural Park is definitely worth a visit, this part of the reserve is in fact divided between rocky and sandy beaches, much appreciated by many tourists who choose this town in southern Tuscany as a destination for their summer holidays.

Interesting is the vegetation of the park, in addition to the aforementioned pine woods and forests of oaks, the territory of the reserve is covered with Mediterranean vegetation, typical of this part of Italy and of course sees the presence of plants of olive trees.

Is varied fauna of the Natural Park of Maremma, inside their natural habitat are in fact different species of animals, such as hawks, ducks, herons and flamingos, but also wild boar, roe deer, badgers and the fox, and the horse and the cow pastures of Maremma.

Inside the park, visitors can also admire some ancient buildings, we speak of the Abbey of Saint Rabanus, dating from the twelfth century and is still in an excellent state of preservation, the various towers that were built during the Middle Ages, such as the Torre Trap, dell’Uccellina Bella Marsilia, Castel Marino and Cala di Forno.