Terme di Sorano


In addition to the beauty of its nature and its historic villages, Maremma Tuscany it is also known for its thermal baths, places to rejuvenate and enjoy a few days of complete relaxation.

Just outside the town of Sorano, about a half-hour drive from Saturnia, are at the Terme di Sorano, a recently opened spa complex which is located in Santa Maria Eagle, alongside a small church dedicated to it.

The spa complex of Sorano is a residence with self-contained apartments and some thermal water pools, a lap pool and a children’s pool, some artificial waterfalls and a spa where you can enjoy massages, therapies and treatments for the care of body, but also trails that lead from the spa to the campaigns of Sorano, discovering its nature and its environment.

At Terme di Sorano come thermal water at a temperature of 37.5 °, it is equipped with water magnesiocalciche important beneficial properties.